As far as I can tell I never set on particular theme or specific subject to paint or draw, however I always sketch what appears to me right there in front of my eyes. My endlessly fascination with observation allows me to study, analyze and revisit the same locations or objects number of times. Oftentimes I use these sketches in my studio to create new works and new ideas develop from there.

Although I don’t have an exact theme to follow I constantly engage myself with social, political and cultural issues. Recently my works is focus on observation purely on everyday life, the environment and our mega cities with high rising building, powerful machines, wealth, consumers, mass consumption and the human’s form.

I have always been fascinated with lines and spaces and what makes a composition to stand out. In my recent work, I simply use lines and contours to deconstruct, exaggerate and dictate my observation.  Often times minimal amount of colors are added to the drawings which establish a real sense of place, suggests a notion of existence.